Friday Update

Friday is always a special day. The Camper vs. Pro Games at Goodyear Ballpark are a treat for everyone.  Today Goodyear Ballpark was bathed in sunshine and the games were fun and exciting.  A couple of the camper teams even bested the Pros, which is rare.

It was bittersweet at the Complex, as lockers were emptied and the goodbyes began.

The Awards Banquet at the hotel tonight was top-notch and was a great way to close the Goodyear festivities.

Congratulations to each camper and favorite fan on a great week.  Also congrats to the award winners – names and awards are listed on the front page of the now posted final edition of Smoke Signals.

Thanks for following me and the happenings of the 2016 Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp both here and on Twitter (@IndiansFC) .  I appreciate your interest!

Next up is Reunion Day at Progressive Field.  Hope to see you there …..


Friday Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals 1-22-16

World Series Game Photos

These photos are courtesy of Indians team photographer Dan Mendlik.  Working on final edition now …CHMP1787 CHMP1765 CHMP1763 CHMP1743 CHMP1717 CHMP1704 CHMP1678 CHMP1667 CHMP1258 CHMP1213

Postseason Update

After winning the Legends League Pennant 4-0 behind a perfect one-hit masterpiece pitched by Josh Nathanson, Jack Hammers was set to play Wright Brothers, who won the Heroes League Pennant with a thrilling come from behind 8-6 win.

Goodyear Ballpark was bathed in sunshine under blue skies at the start of the World Series Game, and had a great October postseason feel later under the lights as day turned into night.

Both teams played well with Wright Brothers winning 6-1 to capture the championship.  The full game story will be on the front page of Smoke Signals.  That special end of camp edition will be distributed at the close of the banquet Friday night and posted here soon after.

Camp Happenings

The league races were on the line heading into Wednesday.  Read the results in today’s Smoke Signals.

Last night at the hotel, we were treated by a visit from Tribe manager Terry Francona, who answered questions from the campers and told some entertaining stories.  He was warm and wonderful as expected!

We were also treated to some fun video of the five finalists in the Official Cleveland Indians Fantasy Countdown. President Bill Schubert had Eric Walsky emcee and pass out actual awards.  Cudos to Mike Symonds for making the videos appear on the big screen instead of our phones.

The Playoffs are in progress.  The LCS winners will advance to the World Series Game today at Goodyear Ballpark. First pitch is at 4:30 pm AZ time.  I will post an update later tonight after I interview the winning managers.  Today we crown a champion!

Below are pictures taken Wednesday by Indians photographer Dan Mendlik and his crew.

MAXS5383 JOET3753 DANM3762 DANM3306 MAXS4418 MAXS3935

Thursday Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals 1-21-16

Every Picture Tells a Story

DANM1300 DANM1345 DANM1929 JOET0287 JOET0385 JOET1486 MAXS2550 MAXS2704 MAXS3339 MAXX0480

Wednesday Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals 1-20-16

Tuesday Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals 1-19-16

Hotel Festivities

The Saturday night opening banquet was a treat in many ways.  Adding to the fun were veterans Bill Schubert, president of the official fantasy camp countdown, and Eric Walsky. To say they were dressed for the occasion is not necessarily an overstatement … but is some kind of statement.

Opening Banquet

Following the Sunday draft, each team went to dinner and selected their name.  They then squared off in the 2nd Annual Cleveland Indians Fantasy Camp Team Trivia Night.

The contest saw each of the 8 newly formed teams sit at separate tables to deliberate the first round of 10 multiple choice questions. The top 4 teams advanced to round 2, which consisted of 3 multiple choice questions and 2 open-ended queries. The top 2 teams advanced to the final round of 5 open-ended questions. Jo-Maxs bested Los Locos Bastardos with the proceeds benefiting Cleveland Indians Charities.